When School Heroes Unite came to Leo Baeck Day School

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When School Heroes Unite came to Leo Baeck Day School
We had the privilege of welcoming Scott Dietrich of School Heroes Unite to Leo Baeck school this morning. Scott had an audience of about 150 students, faculty and administration members as well. Scott was quite remarkable and had the students engaged right from the very beginning of his presentation.
Through music, story telling and video, Scott was able to reach our students from Grade 6 to Grade 8, and with his help and expertise, we created a plan of action for our school.  Students were eager to share their ideas with Scott. Scott was well-prepared and did some magic tricks as well.
Our school is now prepared to go to work, committing daily acts of kindness, laid out in our student created plan of action. It will help us create a better environment for our students so they can concentrate on their studies and not about feeling bad about themselves because of unwanted actions from peers.
Thank you so much Scott for coming to our school and for giving us the tools to be a beautiful, caring and supportive school.