Virtual Magic Programs now available!

Virtual Magic Programs now available!

To say that we are living in unusual times would be putting it lightly. Not only are we advised to self-quarantine, wash our hands, not touch our face, and implement social distancing, I just walked through our local park only to see yellow caution tape surrounding the playground. Obviously all these important steps are being taken to stop the spread, and flatten the curve, but this new reality is extremely frightening, especially for children.


One of the social consequences of Covid-19 is the loss of beloved family traditions like children’s birthday parties, March Break programs, family Easter gatherings, and pretty much any other social gathering or party outside of the home, and with anyone other than immediate family members.


Well, not anymore. I take my mission to spread joy, laughter, wonder and empowerment to children very seriously, and am happy to announce my new Virtual Magic Programs. We are all in this together, and it broke my heart to think of all the children having to spend their birthdays in quarantine, away from their friends, and the positivity, connectedness, and joy a birthday party provides.


Technology is amazing, and through Zoom (and other social platforms) I can attend your child’s birthday party, virtually. It couldn’t be easier:

  1. We schedule a time and date of your choosing.
  2. Your child invites their friends and family to their virtual birthday party, on our selected time and date.  Fun Fact – Since your child’s magic birthday party is hosted virtually (via the internet) you can invite guests from anywhere in the world (just bear in mind time zones).
  3. Decorate your kitchen.
  4. Bake a cake.
  5. On our selected time and date set up your phone or laptop, and get ready for your child to have a blast with all their friends at their virtual birthday party.
  6. My program runs 30 minutes, and after it concludes, we can all sing Happy Birthday to your child as they blow the candles out on their cake.

Ta da! You are a hero, having just thrown a fun filled birthday for your child, 100% quarantine friendly, during a global pandemic. Notice that at no time during the process did you ever need to step foot outside your door.

I offer 4 unique, and exciting Virtual Magic Programs for children:

  1. The Virtual Birthday Party Magic Show
  2. The Magic In You, Virtual Children’s Empowerment Program
  3. Virtual Magic Class
  4. Virtual Balloon Sculpting Class
So, while many aspects of our lives are on hold, throwing a magically memorable children’s birthday party doesn’t need to be. Book your Virtual Children’s Magic Program Today!