Toronto Magician for your Christmas Party: Entertainment Everyone Can Agree On

By Scott Dietrich
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Toronto Magician for your Christmas Party: Entertainment Everyone Can Agree On

We’re almost exactly 8 weeks out from Christmas; if you’re a party planner, don’t let your stress level change from green to red with the autumn leaves. If you want to make this year’s children’s holiday party the best yet, you need a magician; entertainment everyone can agree on.


Why Magic? There are many options for entertainment when planning a children’s party. However what will be the most well received, entertaining and inclusive of all in attendance? Some entertainers cater well to the younger children, but don’t engage the older ones. Some forms of entertainment engage the older kids, but leave out the younger ones. And many forms of children’s entertainment leave the adults in attendance totally disengaged. Magic has the unique ability to bridge these divides and engage all in attendance; fostering a childlike sense of wonder.


How do you choose the right magician for your Christmas party? Carefully; not all magicians are built equal. The Internet is a great tool for parents and party planners to search for magicians. You must however do your research, and thoroughly read through their references, client lists and 3rd party awards or designations. Once you find a magician you’re interested in, a Google search of the performer’s name is often helpful as well. You’ll never find a magician by the name of “Pretty Good Sam” or “Mediocre Joe”, magicians tend to be a pretty confident lot so it’s important to make sure they live up to their claims.


Finally, budget is often an important consideration for many party planners, but it’s important not to shop on price alone; value is the bottom line. You want the maximum amount of family friendly fun for your dollar. A professional magician should be able to anticipate your needs, and work with you, to ultimately make your job easier and your holiday party FUNTASTIC.

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