Recommended Magic Shop For My Kids Who Want to Learn Magic

Recommended Magic Shop For My Kids Who Want to Learn Magic
After watching the Magic of Scott Dietrich’s wonderful magic show at our local Toronto public library, my kids now want to start learning magic. In addition to the library as you suggested, is there a local magic shop you would recommend?


By Scott Dietrich

Thank you so much for your question. Libraries are definitely a great resource for families, and I relish every opportunity I get to perform at them. When I was a child the library was such a magical place for me, I could literally travel the world and beyond, through books. But when it was time to go home, my mother always knew where to find me, in the magic section.

Having been born into a family of magicians, a couple of times a year we would make the trek to Toronto to go to our favorite magic shop, The Browser’s Den of Magic. This place is a paradise for young and old magic enthusiasts alike. From racks of novelty effects and magic books, to glass cases filled with card and coin tricks, every day there is like Christmas morning.

As you enter you’ll be greeted by Jeff Pinsky, the shop’s owner, or one of his friendly staff, who are more than happy to demonstrate the myriad of magic effects that line the walls. You will also notice countless pictures of some of magic’s best and brightest. If you’re lucky, you might even run into some actual Toronto magicians.

Jeff is great with beginners, and will guide you toward magic tricks, books and dvd’s that are both age and skill level appropriate. As your young magicians begin to gain experience, knowledge and skill, Jeff can continue to guide them to more advanced magic.

If budget is an issue I would recommend some of the great books and dvd’s The Browser’s Den of Magic stocks. Many of these effects your children can learn, then make at home to perform. They also have many great magic kits.

Finally, if you really want to give your children a head start, in addition to my birthday party magic show I also offer a magic class. My magic class is ideal for children ages 8 -14. In this magic class your guests will learn a number of sleight of hand effects using everyday items e.g. pencils, elastics, cards etc. The real magic is watching their confidence grow!

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