PRO Grant Speakers

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PRO Grant Speakers

The Parents Reaching Out Grants continue to empower parents to engage in their communities, and support their student’s achievement and well-being.


Hosting health and wellness events are a popular use of Ontario PRO Grants.  Finding a speaker however, that can effectively engage and reach both students and parents can be tricky.


That’s where Scott Dietrich and his School Heroes Unite program come in. Scott Dietrich, voted “Toronto’s Best Children’s Entertainer” for the past 8 years, was literally born into a family magic troupe. He has spent his life entertaining and empowering people from 1 to 100.


Scott’s School Heroes Unite program takes a very unique approach to bullying prevention. In fact, with his program, the bullies become part of the solution.


School Heroes Unite is a Pro-Heroism, Pro-Teamwork, Pro-Inclusion program. Rather than focusing on condemning the bully, as many anti-bullying programs’ do, School Heroes Unite focuses on empowering all in attendance to better meet their needs, and find a deeper sense of belonging, through heroism and teamwork. A good message for us all.


Through the use of magic, music, video, storytelling and audience participation, School Heroes Unite will engage and captivate young and old alike. It has all the spirit of a pep rally, but provides your students/parents/staff with real tools and a plan of action.


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