Instead of birthday gifts, why not try a book swap!

Instead of birthday gifts, why not try a book swap!

A couple of weeks back I performed magic at a very innovative birthday party. Instead of accepting gifts, guests were instructed to bring a used book for a “book swap”. Each child brought a book from their own collection to swap with one from the birthday boys (pre-selected offerings from his) collection. You can see the instructional invitation below pictured with the assortment of the books he received (including my own).

There are 4 things I love about this idea:

  1. It promotes literacy, and reinforces a love of reading among children.
  2. Books that may have been collecting dust are given a new life with a new child.
  3. Every child, including the birthday child, experiences the joy of both giving and receiving.
  4. No awkward comparing of gifts. Everyone gives a book, everyone receives a book.

“Admittedly, it was a bit of a sell job at first, the idea of no presents from his friends, but he still got some presents from us so, win win.” - Mrs. Gleen (birthday boy’s creative mom)

This idea also solves several problems:

  • No matter the financial situation of your guests, there is no comparison of gifts, and everyone feels included and valued.
  • You leave your house with x number of books, and come home with the same amount, but now they are new exciting books for your child to discover.
  • You’re not left trying to find space for countless gifts, half of which your child might not even get around to playing with.

If this idea resonates with you, and you’re ready to “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” at your child’s next birthday party, try a book swap. And if you want to add a touch of magic, wonder and laughter, give me a shout. I’ll work with you, to make your job easy, and your party fun-tastic! The birthday child will even receive complimentary copy of my inspirational children's book "I Can and I Did!".


Magically Yours,


Scott Dietrich

Children’s Birthday Party Magician Extraordinaire