Healthy Snacks For Your Child's Birthday Party

By Scott Dietrich

Having been born into a family magic troupe, I have been involved in magic for the better part of 36 years. The past 15 years were spent performing magic full time as a professional children’s magician. I have performed at thousands of birthday parties and have literally seen it all; from children swinging from chandeliers and rocking china cabinets to hair pulling tussles breaking out.


Now let me be clear, these instances didn’t occur during my show; in fact the parent’s at these parties gone awry pleaded for me to stay longer to maintain the temporary calm that had been achieved. Let me also point at that most of these unfortunate occurrences had a similar cause that was preventable. What was the cause? Sugar, and lots of it. Literally buffets of candy for the children to gorge on.


These parents just wanted their little guests to have a good time and indulge in some tasty treats. What they may not have realized is with a little creativity, they could achieve both ends with fruits and vegetables. Recently my fiance discovered Pinterest, and what a discovery it was. You can access the creativity of thousands of party planning parents and duplicate their successes.


Who would have thought of using strawberries as Santa hats on grapes.


Or, tiny pieces of celery as the stem of a tangerine pumpkin?


Imagine hosting a birthday party where the kids love their fun snacks and don’t go into sugar shock. Smiles all around.  These and many other ingenious ideas are available on Pinterest, check it out!


Scott Dietrich

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7 years ago
great info! :) thank you for sharing