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Looking for, and finding a birthday party entertainer can seem like such a colossal task, especially when it comes to kid’s parties. With all the other responsibilities that come with organizing the perfect birthday party (decorations, cakes, loot bags guest list, etc.), finding an entertainer that would be the best fit should be the easiest of them all, but it can be tricky. So where to begin deciding what kind of party entertainer to choose? One of the first things to take into consideration before looking, is the age group of the birthday boy/girl and of the guests attending, as this will better help you to figure out what options will better suit your party needs and will help guarantee that everyone is having a great time.  


With the choices of types of birthday party entertainment options ranging from clowns and fairy princesses to bouncy castles, it can really start to feel as if you will never be able to make up your mind, but one popular party entertainment option to consider for kids (between the ages of 3-12) is a magician! 


Magicians are the perfect source of entertainment at any birthday party because of their ability to entertain children of all ages. In combining humour, sleight of hand illusions and the magical appearance of their rabbit friend, magicians help offer children an introduction to the mysterious world of magic.


Hailed as Toronto’s go-to children’s magician and voted GTA’s Best Children’s Entertainer by City Parent, Scott Dietrich has spread the joy of magic to tens of thousands of Toronto children throughout the years. With the help of his trusty side-kick Sir Walken the Rabbit, Scott has offered his services as an experienced birthday party entertainer and enthusiast for all things magic, giving children a front row seat to his award winning magical birthday party program.

Make your next kids party unforgettable with the Magic of Scott Dietrich!


Birthday Party Entertainment options offered by Scott:


The Magical Birthday Party Program:


This 1 hour program includes a 35 minute show starring the birthday boy or girl, where they will become an active participant and help Scott with various magic tricks, including making Scott’s live bunny appear! Other highlights include rope magic, baffling card tricks, Angry Birds and a “real life” Card Shark. Young and old will get swept away in the magic fun, and will even learn a couple of tricks. Following the show your little guests will have a chance to pet and take selfies with the bunny, then each receive a custom made balloon animal. Scott offers this magical birthday program for children ages 3 to 12 and the show can be altered and adapted based on their age group! 


The Magic Class


Another popular birthday party option among tweens is Scott’s 1 hour Magic Class! Using his skills as an entertainer, Scott passes on his passion, and love of magic and laughter through offering his very own class. During this 60 minute magic class, Scott will engage the imagination and curious minds of the young magicians to-be, by teaching them some easy-to-learn magic tricks and sleight of hand illusions, that they themselves can practice and perform. Using everyday items (provided by Scott) all attendants of the magic class will leave with the ability to astonish and wow their family and friends with their newly learned skills. The magic class birthday party option is suitable for kids ages 8-14, however older cousins, parents and even grandparents enjoying getting in on the fun.


Interested in learning more about the benefits of incorporating a little bit of magic to your next birthday party?


Consider the option of hiring a professional birthday party entertainer.


Contact Scott today to learn more about his award winning birthday party programs offered throughout the GTA and surrounding areas.


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