Anti Bullying Tip # 1 - Share Your Own Story


“Vulnerability is the birthplace of connection and the path to the feeling of worthiness.” -Brene Brown


We cannot expect of our children, what we are not willing to give ourselves. The willingness to be vulnerable is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of true strength, self acceptance and empathy.


Being vulnerable, and sharing your own past experiences dealing with bullying and how it has affected you, will allow and encourage your child to do the same. Many children suffer the emotional, psychological and sometimes physical strain of bullying in silence, too afraid or embarrassed to speak up. Breaking the silence and giving your child the necessary confidence to share their bullying related fears and concerns with you, is the first step to giving them the sense of empowerment and self assurance they will need to deal with bullying issues in the future, as well as teach them how to properly deal with conflict as adults.


Remembering to keep these vital lines of communication open, and reminding your child that there is no shame in being frightened is key to helping them grow as well rounded adults, able to show empathy and compassion. Not only will this habit of sharing feelings improve the communication and connection between you and your child, but you’ll be the proof they need to know that their current bullying situation will not last forever and that it does gets better. From this safe new place of acceptance, relatability, and understanding you and your child can begin to discuss potential anti-bullying strategies that your child can use to stand up, speak up and avoid further bullying.