3 things to consider when choosing a Bullying Prevention Assembly

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3 things to consider when choosing a Bullying Prevention Assembly

3 things to consider when choosing a Bullying Prevention Assembly


Finding the right bullying prevention assembly for your school can be tricky. I know because you’ve stumbled upon this blog while searching Google for answers. With so many options out there, consider these 3 points when selecting the next bullying prevention assembly for your elementary school.

  1. Which theme or style of presentation will best engage your students? Or at least the greatest number of them. Elementary schools have the difficult job of selecting programming that will address the needs of a wide range of children’s ages.  Sometimes schools find they have to hire 2 different presenters to address the needs of both their younger and older students. However some performance styles such as magic can appeal to a wide range of ages.
  2. Which philosophy most closely mirrors that of your school’s stance on bullying prevention? Are you trying to cultivate “Upstanders” or “Stomp Out Bullying”. I’ve seen these and many other slogans at schools I’ve presented at, and they speak to a deeper school philosophy. Some schools subscribe to a Pro-Heroism, Pro-Teamwork philosophy, focusing on what they want to see more of at their school. Others hold an “Anti-Bullying” stance, and choose to focus their efforts on what they don’t want to see at their school. Ultimately it’s an individual choice but I’ll give the last word to author, Napoleon Hill, “Energy flows where attention goes”.
  3. Which presenter is right for your elementary school? At the end of the day the style, philosophy and message will only be as effective as the presenter’s ability to present it. As a parent or educator you understand that entertaining, educating and inspiring children is an art. It’s important to do your homework. Review the presenter’s website thoroughly, paying close attention to their experience, any special awards and most importantly, testimonials. Video’s also help to give a better feel for the presenter’s style and personality.  Finally, Google them, don’t just take their word for how great their bullying prevention assembly is. Success leaves clues.

I hope these 3 things to consider when choosing a Bullying Prevention Assembly have been helpful, and perhaps made your decision making a little easier. To make your search even easier (Warning: Shameless Plug) check out www.schoolheroesunite.com.


School Heroes Unite is a Canadian Pioneer in the growing Pro-Heroism movement. The program celebrates diversity, fosters empathy, and brings out your students’ inner hero. It has all the spirit of a pep rally but with a magical twist, and provides students with real tools and a plan of action.


That presenter guy Scott Dietrich, he’s pretty good too ;) Google him!


Wishing you all the best in your bullying prevention efforts.