"I Can and I Did!” Passes The Bechdel Test

By Scott Dietrich
I Can and I Did!” Passes The Bechdel Test

Whether or not you have heard of my latest book “I Can and I Did”, you may have heard of the Bechdel Test in the media recently; it is a test for gender equality in movies and literature. Essentially it serves as a measurement for rating the gender equality in literature and story telling, and there are many reasons why it’s important for today’s media to take it into consideration. For a film or book to pass the test it must:


1)     Have at least two (named) women in it.

2)     Who talk to each other.

3)     About something besides a man.


I am proud to announce that “I Can and I Did!” not only passes the Bechdel Test, but exceeds its expectations of gender equality and female empowerment. Disappointingly however, the majority of modern works fail this basic test of gender bias. You may be surprised that many of your favorite stories would not pass this test for gender equality, especially regarding some of our favorite childhood classics. This even applies to many stories from the good old days!


Whether browsing social media on their cell phones, watching TV and movies online, or simply witnessing the parade of billboards on their way home from school, today’s youth are literally bombarded with mixed and limiting messages. While popular media is more open minded and liberal than ever before, it seems that for every positive message kids are exposed to, around the corner lays a contradictory negative one.


We need to show our children, male or female, that the skies the limit, literally. That is what “I Can and I Did!” set out to do. Through an uplifting story about a granddaughter and her grandfather, the value of perseverance and belief in self, take flight. While some stories aim to entertain, this tale of perseverance and determination also aims to contribute to your children’s moral fibers.


The 3 characters include Stephanie, her Grandfather (a pilot) and Sue (also a pilot). My choice to make the main character a young girl was deliberate. How many children’s books present becoming a pilot as a possible career path for young girls? Boys can still relate to and enjoy the story, but girls are no longer left on the outside looking in.


“Frozen” recently became the highest grossing animated film of all time. It also passed the Bechdel Test. Coincidence? I think not. We as parents and educators don’t control what films are produced and books are published, but what we can choose, is which ones we are going to share with our children. My magic classes aim to teach skills, while allowing students to overcome initial challenges and build true self confidence. Like my magic classes, ”I Can and I Did!” proves that morals and entertainment can go hand in hand.


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