Where Is The Best Place To Learn Magic

Where Is The Best Place To Learn Magic?

By Scott DietrichBlog Hocus Pocus Magazine1 comments
I have found that both kids and adults are always eager to learn a trick they can show their friends. This is why teaching (at least one trick) has become a staple in my performances. As much as we enjoy being amazed, we yearn to create that amazement ourselves.   After teaching ...
I Can and I Did” Passes The Bechdel Test

"I Can and I Did!” Passes The Bechdel Test

By Scott DietrichBlog Birthday Parties 1010 comments
Whether or not you have heard of my latest book “I Can and I Did”, you may have heard of the Bechdel Test in the media recently; it is a test for gender equality in movies and literature. Essentially it serves as a measurement for rating the gender equality in ...