The Beginning of a Magical Blogging Journey

By Scott Dietrich
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The Beginning of a Magical Blogging Journey

Welcome to my magic blog. Life as a magician is anything but ordinary, especially when you’re born into a family magic troupe, and I look forward to sharing my journey with you. Throughout my upcoming blogs you can look forward to reading many funny and touching stories, watching some amazing magic, and I may even break the code and teach you a couple tricks along the way (shhh, don’t tell).


Every time I step on stage I’m filled with gratitude for the profession I’m blessed to call my career. I mean, I get to create wonder and laughter for a living. I owe nearly everything great in my life to the profession of magic. I even met the love of my life while performing walk around magic at Montana’s Restaurant, but we’ll save that epic story for another time.


So I guess the most appropriate way to start my 1st blog is by thanking my father, Gerard Dietrich aka The Great Gerard. The youngest of three, Gerard was born into a hardworking farming family located just outside of Teeswater, ON. No one, especially his parents would have expected his ultimate passion to have been magic. His introduction to legerdemain came via their small black and white television, and the classic, Ed Sullivan Show. This is where he first saw a magician, caught the bug, and the rest as they say, is history.


Our family magic troupe originally consisted of my father, mother and two older brothers. I was the final addition. Although we were introduced to magic in different ways, we share the same passion for the art. For this gift, this vehicle, which has taken me around the world and still holds many adventures and opportunities, I want to say thank you.


I would like to personally welcome you to continue to follow and share in my magical blogging journey. I aim to post once or twice a month so make sure to check back in. Have a magical day!